The War of the Mainlands was a Pre-Aeternaean War, the information of which being very restricted. What is known is that the war involved four states vying for control of the current territory known as the Eternal Mainlands; the extent of which is unknown to the Western Nations. These four nations each aimed to dominate the others;

  1. The Continental Protectorate of Miraet
  2. The Republic of Tur'yui
  3. The Kingdom of Ri'yu
  4. The Shuira Khanate

The name of this event is not entirely accurate, as it has been lost in translation; this war actually encompasses several lesser wars, with periods of peace intermittently dispersed throughout a period of 2,033 Years. Ending in the consolidation of the entire Mainland Continental Territories.

Timeline of the War Edit

The first of the series of conflicts began with the invasion of the Ghor Principality, where the Republic of Tur'yui, and the Kingdom of Ri'yu invaded without declaration; claiming the Eastern mountain range known as The Narrow Path. At the time, the invaders had not known that Ghor had sworn fealty to the distant Empire of Miraet; whom had no concerns with the mainland.

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