The Journey West (10th Day of Gu'Liu'Tae, 1112 WE) is a recorded event in the Aeternaean Chronicles in which a group of diplomats, scholars, holy representatives, and soldiers were given a Holy Mandate to explore the Western Continent of S'Kar on orders from the Eternal Throne.

This group, dubbed The Earthly Souls gathered in the capital of Bak'Ee'Ne'Vae; Fy'O'Tae'S - The Great Fortress of the West in order to prepare before their journey that would bring them into direct contact with the many S'Kar'Rho nations.

The goal of this mission was merely to build up their records of each of these nations - adding onto their vast libraries, in which the sources of which are unknown to the west.

Carpathian Response Edit

The Carpathian Federation received word of the expedition mobilising from contacts in Seclen. As can be expected, the purpose of the muster was unknown to the Council of Princes but they assumed the worst. The word was sent out for the Princes, Zupans and all the other landholders of Carpathia to raise the Voyari and Boyari, the professional levy soldiers of Carpathia.

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