The term Eternal Throne has been used throughout a large portion of Aeternaea's history. It refers to multiple things; the ruler of Aeternaea, the faith of Aeternaea, the throne the ruler sits upon, and even the nation itself. The reason for this is that the people of Aeternaea see now difference between the individual on the throne, and the nation as a whole. The explanation for this is that the nation was founded by the family that sits on the Eternal Throne, and through their flawless efforts, they were able to unify the entirety of the population under their leadership.

The exact history behind the divine cult however, is fairly unknown. The only certain fact that we have is that there exists nobody living in the Heartlands that does not obey, love, and worship the Eternal Throne; all of them fully willing to give their lives for it. This worship is what divides the people of Aeternaea into two equal categories: The Heartlanders, whom are those who are born in the Heartland Provinces and fully worship the Throne; and the Outlanders, whom are born in the Free-State of Lolede, whom still worship the Throne, but to a lesser extent than the Heartlanders.

Members of House Gloustrik vi Aetae'ii (Commonly translated to House Gloustern vi Aeternis) are considered to be one and the same as the Eternal Throne. The head of the house being the centre of the divine cult. Having existed for millennia, in an unbroken chain of succession, they are the longest-living dynasty in Gwalethia.

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