The Eternal Senate; the governing body of Aeternaea. It consists of three levels of power:

  1. The Eternal Throne, this is both the highest level of government, the head of Aeternaea, and the head of the Eternal Faith of Heaven and Eart. The line of succession is unknown to anyone except the current holder of the throne - there has never been a crisis as to whom would become the next holder of the throne, as it has always been known when the time came. It has the final decision on anything that has been voted on by the Eternal Peers, a task which can be delegated to one of the honoured ones.
  2. The Eternal Peers, which consists of 42 voters - 10 whom are elected from amongst each of the 10 great families, and 32 whom are elected from among each of the 32 lower families.It is the second level of the government, and votes upon anything that the Eternal Diet passes.
  3. The Eternal Diet, which consists of 564 elected members - all of whom are voted from amongst anyone who is a true follower of the Faith of the Heavens and Earth. It is the lowest level of the government.

The Eternal Diet Edit

The Eternal CabinetEdit

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