The Eternal Peers are the noble families of Aeternaea. All from various backgrounds, they exist to serve the nation as the uppermost branch of the Eternal Senate. It is up to them to approve or dismiss anything passed by the Eternal Diet. Upon granting leave to anything brought before them, they present it to the Eternal Throne and await its actions. It is divided into two sections: The Ten Great Families, and the Thirty-Two Lower Families.

  1. The Ten Great Families:

The Ten Great Families (Official Name: ζ϶'Ҷᴗ'Γι'ӄӟ) are the direct descendants of the Ten Eternal Companions of the first Heavenly Ruler, Ae'Tae'Rho (Aetrik) the First. These families all helped him in his initial mission in the Heartlands; aiding to establish the current nation that has survived many different eras. These families are always competing for favour of the Eternal Throne. In terms of votes among the Eternal Peers, each family holds three (3) votes; making them as a whole nearly as influential as all Thirty-Two Lower Families combined. Currently headed by Great Lord Hae'Qin'Ji XV vi Liu'Ae'Tae'ii, they are currently experiencing a period of growing power, as they are directly in charge of a third of Aeternaea's entire land forces. Their coat of arms is that of a golden dove on flying below a red raven, in a blue sky.

  1. The Thirty-Two Lower Families: The Thirty-Two Lower Families (Official Name: Ϛϛ'Ҷᴗ'ӄӟ'Ҷᴗ)

The Thirty-Two Lower Families (Official Name: TBD) are the noble families of the Aeternaean Mainlands on the Eastern Continent. Unlike the ten great families, all of which hail from the Eternal Heartlands, the lower families are those who converted to the faith peacefully, and joined as allies and vassals of Aeternaea. In exchange for their loyalty and devoutness, the Eternal Throne granted them permanent positions within the Eternal Peers.

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