(Official Name: Ϛϛ'Ξϡ'ϓϊ'ᶅᶋ)

Like the vi Liu'Ae'Tae'ii, the Uu'Ae'Tae'ii family are distant descendants of the Eternal Bloodline, tracing themselves to the uncle of Aetrik. Known as the "Northern Eternals", they are one of the three families that proclaim themselves to be members of the Eternalist Faction. Devoutly loyal to the words of the Eternal Throne. Currently headed by Great Lord Dea'Ne'Qin III vi Uu'Ae'Tae'ii, they are experiencing a period of growing power, being directly in charge of the first layer of the Aeternaean Divine Fleet. Their coat of arms is that of a silver crow silhouette, with a black moon behind it, during a deep purple night.

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