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Welcome to the World of Gwalethia; an ancient world whose history is barely known. This world possesses many unknowns; magic, sciences, lands, races, and divines. The current civilisations of the world are centred around the main continent of S'Kar, whose original meaning is unknown to the residents of it.

What is currently known of this world is that there are other unexplored lands; the Far East, the Lost North, and the Endless Oceans. One day, the civilisations will explore these, and potentially uncover great wisdom, new sciences, or deadly secrets.

Where do you belong in this world? Are you a lord of a nation? A king? A peasant? You choose where you belong...

Brief Background[edit | edit source]

This wiki will serve as a general resource for any and all members of Gwalethia. As such, it will be viewed as an Aeternaean Library that has been established in Bak'Ee'Ne'Vae, open to the public around the entirety of Gwalethia. Therefore, any posts made will be considered "official" documentation. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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