Albionica Flag

The current flag of Albionica.

The Kingdom of Albionica is one of the major nations of Gwalethia and controls two large islands in the region of S'Kar. It is a new nation, although the idea of a unified Albionica has existed for millennia, and its isles have been inhabited since the end of the Frozen Age.

A highly modern people, distinctive by their reliance on organisation and technology, rather than magic. A mercantile people, the Albionicans are hardy and noble but can tend to place too much faith in their knights and lords. Presumably due to genetics, magecraft is rare amongst Albionicans although most nobles are skilled combat mages.

Albionica boasts a population of 8.25 million. According to the Quadrennial Book, a survey of every settlement and household in Albionica taken every four years, there are currently at least 2 million adult men living in the Kingdom.

Etymology Edit

The name Albionica comes from the Angliaes, the first organised peoples on what is now Albionica. Their name for the islands which make up the modern Kingdom was Albion and it is from their name that the moniker Anglo comes from (referring to the Albionican peoples). Over time, the name distorted into Albionica, supposedly due to the influence of Alfric, King of Frigatus.

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Age of Division Edit

The Age of Division is a common title used by Albionican scholars to refer to a period of time comprising much of the Classical Epoch and the start of the Expansion Epoch. It is an age remarkable for its constant infighting between Albionican city-states.

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