The Ae'Tae'ii kar'ii'Chu'Ne, known to the Westerners as the Aeternaean Code of Honour is an ancient code that all Aeternaeans follow. Originally established during the formation of Aeternaea, it has been held in high regards ever since. The code consists of the following commandments:

  1. Thou must believe in your teachings, observe its directions, and believe in your greater family; for your teachings will always guide you, and your family will always support you.
  2. Thou must defend your nation, without pause, hold, or regret; for the nation will always serve and remember you.
  3. Thou must respect all weaknesses, defending those weaker than you; for weakness is merely an illusion, and all are equals beneath the heavens.
  4. You must love and cherish your countrymen, nation, and family; for they will always love you in turn.
  5. Thou must never surrender, abandon your faith, or betray your allies; for your soul is immortal, and shall be weighed by your actions.
  6. Thou must never act in aggression, and all conflicts must be in defense of a just cause; for we are not aggressors, we are protectors, we are scholars, we are guides, we are a family.
  7. Thou must perform with full effort your duties, seeking to better yourself through any manner you can; for nothing exceeds the pursuit of knowledge and education, and all those around you will help you achieve greatness.
  8. Thou must never lie; for your word is your pledge of life, and your life is your pledge of spirit.
  9. Thou must be generous and caring to your greater family; for we are always going to be generous and caring to you.
  10. Thou must be a champion of righteousness, kindness, and charity; helping those weaker than you, but also ensuring that you do not impact their own growth.
  11. Thou must guide those who lack knowledge, but not elevate them without wisdom; for those who lack wisdom must learn it on their own.
  12. Thou must learn all that is beneath the heavens; for the only true path to heavenly peace is through the peace of one's mind.
  13. Thou must never abandon honour; for without honour, your life is not truly your own.
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