Adean II Gloustern vi Aeternis (Official Name: Ξϡ'ϑζ'ϗά ϬϨ'Ӷԏ'ϐσ'ϓϊԄᵹ Ξϡϓϊ'ᶅᶋ), the Heavenly Ruler of Eternity, Head of the Eternal Faith of the Heavens & the Land, Ancestor of the Land, Guide of the Dead, and Speaker of the Fates is the current leader of Aeternaea-Lolede, having succeeded his father to the throne at the age of 16; whom abdicated in his favour. In the heavenly tradition; it is assumed that all of the holy knowledge, wisdom, might, and experience of hi father and other ancestors had passed to him the moment he achieved the throne - as was the case for his father as well.

Several years have since passed since his ascension to the Eternal Throne, and many progressive changes have occurred across both the Heartlands and the Mainlands, of which only those who reside within the Heavenly Mandate are aware of. To the outsiders however, two important changes have been made: the first is that the Bak'Ee'Ne'Vae Order has been granted permission to interact more directly with outsiders, and the second is that Aeternaea plans to choose a single nation to host an embassy of theirs. 

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